Nov 27th, 2017
Sök Design S, Hållbar utveckling 2018!

Vi vill slå ett extra slag för denna fantastiska kategori som Myra också fått äran att ha en jurymedlem i. Vår VD Stina Juhlin får en inblick i alla fantastiska hållbarhets projekt som ansöker.

Priset delas ut till nyskapande designlösningar som bidrar till ett bättre liv i ett bättre samhälle. Temat är väldigt viktigt och vi vet att design kan göra stor skillnad för en hållbar utveckling. Sökande kan vara företag, organisationer och offentlig sektor där nya produkter, tjänster, processer och affärsmodeller påtagligt bidrar till en Hållbar Utveckling.
Design S delas ut av Svensk Form i samarbete med Design Region Sweden som är jury i denna kategori.
Tävlingsbidrag kan lämnas in till den 18 februari 2018.
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Jun 19th, 2017
C600 Style

The C600 Style is a stove series with generous size and heating output that Myra has redesigned for Contura. It is now released with improved features such as better heating, a silent ashbox and a bigger door so that the fire gets more visible. It also has a modern and more streamlined expression. The stove series is available in a wide range of colors and stone surrounds.

Jun 7th, 2017
Q-Companion for Quicke

Myra has developed a digital solution for efficient and safe front loader operations, Q-companion, together with our client Ålö. Equipped with a digital screen and smart sensor technology, Q-companion is what smart farming is all about: embracing new technology to make work easier, safer and more efficient. With Q-Companion, you weigh as you lift. The weighing feature has been developed and tested especially for farm-related applications, such as scooping, bale handling, silage handling and pallet handling. The Q-companion monitor also displays your implement position and helps you find the right angle on your first attempt, reducing the need for corrections. Reference positions can be stored for each implement, making your next work session even more efficient. Displaying the current and remaining lifting capacity using the same view is another benefit of the system. It helps you to not overload your loader, so the vehicle is stable at all times.

Myra has been working with research, user tests, user flow and graphics on the screen, and we are very proud af the result!

May 31st, 2017
Rollator from Human Care

Human Care offers high quality rollators with ergonomic features and safe design. Myra has been working with their latest series of rollators, Leia. It has been designed with focus on usability and is available in three different colors and three heights to allow you to find something that suits you. Thanks to the patented cross folding that enables big walking space the new Leia offers the best possible walking pattern which is easy on both back as well as shoulders. Leia has low weight and is very easy to maneuver while also offering maximum stability.

Human Care and Myra Industrial Design both believe all users are unique and the products are designed with the individual in mind.

May 17th, 2017
New Senzime launch

A second project together with Myra´s client Senzime is now launched. The new TetraGraph monitor stimulates, measures, analyzes and displays muscle function in surgical patients receiving neuromuscular blocking agents. The sequence is performed in real-time, and the system requires less than 30 seconds for set-up. It is an unique, user-friendly system that includes the TetraGraph monitor, TetraSens disposable electrosensors and the TetraCord connecting cable. Myra has been working with design and construction in close cooperation with the engineering team.

Feb 28th, 2017
Intelligent Wastewater Pumping System

Myra has together with Xylem designed Flygt Concertor™,  the worlds first Wastewater Pumping System with Integrated Intelligence. This new wastewater pumping system senses the operating conditions of its environment and adapts its performance in real time to provide feedback to station operators. The built-in intelligence makes it quicker and easier to set-up and operate functions that would otherwise require a very sophisticated monitoring and control system. We have achieved all this with a significantly smaller footprint.

Xylem has a large number of products where Myra is responsible for giving the products a cohesive design that strengthens Xylem’s corporate identity.
Since the products are used in a rugged environment, it’s an extra challenge for Myra to give the product the robust expression that they deserve.
Myra has today a constant and continuous collaboration with Xylem and we look forward to the launch of all future products.

Feb 3rd, 2017
New interns at Myra

We welcome Rebecka and Felipe to our office!
Rebecka does her bachelor in Umeå and Felipe comes from Pontifical Xaverian University, Bogota, Colombia.
We are really happy to strenghten our team with these two new happy faces!

Jan 25th, 2017
Transportation service app for Färdtjänst

As a winner in the Post & Telecom authority’s innovation competition ”from study to work’ we are now happy to announce our work with this transportation service app.
This is an App that improves the availability of transport service for people with aphasia, impaired reading / writing / speaking skills.
The project has had a clear focus on the users and their needs. In the interface, text and symbol are combined to provide as high visibility and readability as possible. The combination of symbol, text, color and placement have been very important.
We are very pleased that we have got this oppertunity to work with this project.

Jan 16th, 2017
CliniSenz from Senzime

Senzime develops unique patient-oriented monitoring systems that make it possible to assess patients’ biochemical and physiological processes before, during and after surgery.
CliniSenz is the first product that is a result of cooperation between Myra and Senzime.
In this project, Myra Industriell Design has been responsible for the design and function, and have ensured that the instrument has become easy to use.

CliniSenz is a unique platform, consists of the instrument CliniSenz Analyzer and the sampling device OnZurf Probe. CliniSenz is designed to improve patient outcomes by delivering specific, accurate and easy-to-use patient-monitoring solutions.
The instrument enables continuous and fast sampling of small volumes of lactate and glucose, which in a matter of minutes can reveal metabolic trends of organ status.
We are of course proud that the product has been so well received and now we look forward for more product launches shortly.

Dec 16th, 2016
God Jul och Gott Nytt År önskar vi på Myra!

Nov 11th, 2016
INITI – changing the world of bathrooms

Myra is proud to announce the release of a completely new bathroom brand – INITI. INITI is set to change the world of bathrooms and fills a gap on the Swedish bathroom market by being a superior premium brand. The design of INITI is timeless but has a distinct identity and brutally different, explains founder Peter Kandel. By using unconventional materials, bold design and innovative technology, we have created something never seen before in the bathroom industry.

INITI presented seven new concepts all designed by Myra at the release party at the INITI showroom at Mall of Scandinavia on Wednesday evening. All series are produced in a limited edition with a unique production number. To read more about INITI and their products go to

Sep 16th, 2016
Cooperation for a digital theft protection.

Myra has toghether with startup Cooloc developed a new device that help you keep track of your things.
When the Cooloc is activated it sends out a signal that the applications in the phone can perceive up to 50 meters away. This information is from the nearest app/phone via internet to your app/phone and you look at a map exactly where the eye is located.
Myra has worked with the Industrial design of the Beacon and the visual and UX of the app.

Sep 7th, 2016
Meet Hanako!

We are happy to announce that Hanako Arámbula Hayasaka joined the Myra team! Hanako is an international Industrial designer with a design degree from both University of Mexico and Umeå Design school. Since her graduation from Umeå she lived and worked in the UK. She is a dedicated Industrial designer with a passion for the design process.

Jun 14th, 2016
European Inventor Award 2016!

Congratulations to our client Diagnostics for the Real World Ltd. and CEO Helen Lee who has received the European Inventor Award 2016 in the category Popular Prize. Her invention consists of a diagnostic kit for resource poor regions of the globe. Already used to test more than 40 000 people, her robust, instant blood diagnostic kits are cost effective and easy-to-use for detection of infectious diseases such as HIV, hepatitis B and chlamydia. We are happy and proud to be the design partner of DRW.

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May 6th, 2016
DRW nominated for best innovation

Our client Helen Lee and her team has been nominated by the European Patent Office for the European Inventor of the year award. We are proud to be part of this team and wish all the best in the competition.

More information here about the project and the nomination:

Vote here for the popular prize: